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section i - general

Territory Served
Steam service is supplied from the Company's system of mains in the Borough of Manhattan. Information as to the availability of service at any particular location will be furnished upon request.

Application for Service
Application for service may be initiated by mail, telephone, or email to:

Steam Business Development

Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

4 Irving Place

6th Floor

New York, NY 10003

Telephone Number: 1-212-460-2011

A representative will call to assist you in making all necessary arrangements for your steam requirements.


(212) 683-8830 or 1 (800) 75-CONED


The Company's Schedule for Steam Service indicates that the Company will determine the location, specify the type, manner of installation and connection of the service line; and the Company will specify the type and manner of installation of service and metering equipment; and will furnish this information to the Customer or the Customer's representative upon request. It is also provided that the Company will furnish information relating to the installation of meters and service equipment.

This site has been prepared for the use of Customers, their architects, contractors and engineers as a convenient form for specifications and information relating to the securing of steam service, together with certain rules and regulations contained in the Schedule for Steam Service.

Except for titles and headings, the parts of this site printed in bold face type are excerpts from the Schedule for Steam Service.

This site is intended to cover only general requirements applicable throughout the territory of the Company. It is essential that specific information relative to each individual installation be obtained from the Company.

Revisions are made from time to time in the provisions of the Company's Schedule for Steam Service. Revisions of this site may not be made concurrently with revisions of the Schedule for Steam Service. If any statement in this site should be inconsistent with the provisions of the most recent revisions of the Schedule for Steam Service, the provisions of the effective Schedule for Steam Service shall govern.

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