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extreme heat


Contact your local emergency management office or American Red Cross chapter for information on extreme heat.

Install window air conditioners snugly.

* Close any floor heat registers nearby.

* Insulate spaces around air conditioners for a tighter fit.

* Use a circulating or box fan to spread the cool air.

Keep heat outside and cool air inside.

Install temporary reflectors, such as aluminum foil covered cardboard, to reflect any heat back outside. Keep the cool air inside by weather-stripping doors and windowsills.

Consider keeping storm windows up all year.

Storm windows can keep the heat of a house in the summer the same way they keep the cold out in the winter. Check air-conditioning ducts for proper insulation.


Protect windows.

Hang shades, draperies, awnings, or louvers on windows that receive morning or afternoon sun. Outdoor awnings or louvers can reduce the heat entering the house by as much as 80 percent.

Conserve electricity.

During periods of extreme heat, people tend to use a lot more power for air conditioning which can lead to a power shortage or outage. Stay indoors as much as possible. If air conditioning is not available, stay on the lowest floor out of the sunshine. Remember that electric fans do not cool, they just blow hot air around.


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