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Important News About Vision Care Services

To:            Con Edison Retirees Enrolled in the Retiree Health Plan

From:             Employee Benefits

Subject: Vision Care Program Providers

The Con Edison Retiree Health Plan provides vision care benefits for you and your eligible dependents.

The company has arranged with participating providers in New York State – listed on the following pages – to supply vision care services at no cost to you. Services are provided at no cost only if you receive all services – an eye examination, lenses and frames – from the same provider.

Some branches of the plan’s participating providers are located in New Jersey and Connecticut. If you use one of these branches, state laws require you to go to a separate facility for your eye examination. In such cases, the plan will reimburse you for your examination according to the schedule of benefits on page 34 of your Retiree Health Program booklet.

Here is an outline of services available through participating providers:

  • A comprehensive eye examination, including testing for glaucoma.
  • Lens or lenses, including: - single-vision bifocals, trifocals;

- glass or plastic lenses; and - tinting of lenses.

  • A frame from a selection of discounted frames, which may vary from location to location. Contact lenses

If you select contact lenses instead of lenses and a frame, a $70 credit will be applied toward the regular retail price at participating providers. You will be responsible for paying 70% of the difference between the retail price and the $70 credit. For example, if the regular retail price is $250, you will have to pay $126 toward the cost of your contact lenses. ($250 – $70 = $180; 70% of $1 80 = $126.)

Optional Services

Additional services are available to you through participating providers at the costs indicated:

  • Photosensitive single-vision lenses - $7.50.
  • Photosensitive bifocal lenses - $15.
  • Invisible bifocal lenses - $25.
  • Second pair of glasses - 30% discount from regular retail price.

Claim form procedure

When you go to a participating provider, all you have to do is show your Con Edison Retiree Health Plan identification card. The provider will send the form to CIGNA, and CIGNA will reimburse the provider directly.

If you do not go to a provider who has an arrangement with Con Edison, or you receive an eye examination from an independent doctor, you will have to pay the provider and submit a completed Retiree Health Plan claim form to CIGNA. CIGNA will reimburse you according to the plan’s schedule of benefits.


If you have any questions, please write or call the Con Edison Employee Benefits Department, Attention: Retiree Health Plan Vision Care,15th Floor South, 4 Irving Place, M020, 1-800-582-5056.

Vision care providers

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