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A strong educational system needs financial support from both public and private sources. Con Edison's Matching Gifts Program offers an effective way for employees and the Company to invest in the future of higher education.

The Con Edison Matching Gift Program for Education gives eligible individuals an opportunity to join with the Company to provide financial assistance to educational institutions of their choice. Under the program, the Company, subject to certain conditions, will match contributions made to eligible institutions

Eligible Participants
  • A regular or full-time employee or a trustee of Con Edison.
  • A retired employee receiving a service or disability pension from the Company.
  • You need not have attended the educational institution to which you contribute.
Eligible Institutions

Eligible institutions are four-year colleges, two-year junior and community colleges, graduate and professional schools, schools or colleges within a university which conduct their own fund-raising efforts (e.g. medical, law, engineering or business) or technical institutes provided ALL of the following apply:

  • Located in the United States or one of its possessions.
  • Accredited by a nationally recognized regional or non-theological association (a comprehensive list is available in the Strategic Giving Department, Room 1650-S, 4 Irving Place.)
  • Recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an educational institution to which tax-deductible charitable contributions may be made.
You can also give to:
  • A tax-exempt educational fund if its sole purpose is raising money for its constituent member colleges which individually are eligible under the plan, or
  • A tax-exempt fund, foundation or association which is an integral part of an approved college or university if the college or university certifies that the gift will be applied directly to support its primary educational objectives.
Ineligible Gifts

The following contributions are NOT eligible for the Matching Gift Program:

Bequests; gifts of non-employee spouses of eligible persons; insurance premiums; payments in lieu of tuition; amounts payable as subscription fees for publications; gifts for non-scholastic programs such as athletics or stadium construction; dues or gifts payable to national or local alumni groups that are not distributed to the affiliated educational institutions; payments to satisfy any legal obligations; gifts to seminaries, theological institutes or yeshivas; gifts to institutions where admission is restricted because of race or creed; gifts intended to fulfill pledges, tithes or other religious-related financial commitments; other payments not received as gifts by an eligible institution; gifts-in-kind (e.g. personal or real property, other than securities; value of personal services).

Terms of the Gift

Con Edison will match your personal contribution of at least $25 (to a maximum of $7,500 per calendar year per eligible individual) to eligible institutions of higher learning.

Your gift must be a bona fide transfer of funds or securities which belong to you.

The Company will double-match (two-for-one) your gifts up to a total of $3,000 contributed during a calendar year. Any amount over $3,000 up to a maximum of $7,500 will be matched one-for-one. For example, an employee gift of $3,500 will be matched by a Company contribution of $6,500.

Unless you specify otherwise, by letter directly to the Matching Gift Coordinator, the two-for-one matching gift will be applied to the first $3,000 received in a calendar year.

Your gift must be made in cash, by check, credit card or marketable securities. It must be paid, not merely pledged. If you give securities, they will be valued at the last sale or the published bid price on the date of your gift.

How the Program Works

Print a copy of the application form. Fill out Part A. Be sure to sign Part A, which signifies that the gift complies with the program's eligibility requirements. Mail the entire application form with the contribution directly to the institution you select.

Send only one application form for each gift. Any inquiries about the transmittal of matching funds should be referred to the Matching Gift Program Coordinator at (212) 460-6912.

A responsible Financial Officer of the institution will fill out Part B, countersign on the line provided and mail the entire form to:

Matching Gift Coordinator
Con Edison
4 Irving Place, Room 1650-S
New York, NY 10003

To be valid, your gift must be acknowledged by the institution and the form must be received by Con Edison between February 1st and October 1st.

After verification by the Company that your contribution qualifies for a matching gift, Con Edison will send a check to the institution. Processing will be on a quarterly basis.

Administrative Conditions

Con Edison reserves the right to suspend, amend or terminate this program at any time. The interpretation, application and administration shall be determined by Con Edison and its decision will be final.

Any questions on whether you or the institution you select are eligible should be directed to the Matching Gift Program Coordinator, (212) 460-6912.

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