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Education is essential to fostering our future generation. Con Edison is committed to supporting programs that enhance educational endeavors of students in K-12 and on through college. Working with a broad range of community partners that make learning fun and accessible for everyone, Con Edison supports programs that enrich math, science, engineering, energy, and technology curricula. Additionally, Con Edison sponsors educational initiatives in the areas of arts, civics, culture, and the environment.

Con Edison Encourages Learning in the Bronx:

Con Edison Encourages Learning in the BronxBELL (Building Educated Leader for Life) is a community-based, non-profit organization that exists to dramatically increase the academic achievements, self-esteem and life opportunities of children living in low-income, urban communities. Through their nationally-recognized after-school and summer programs, BELL has helped children in underperforming schools attain grade-level proficiency and develop a perception of themselves as scholars and leaders through STEM education. BELL programs also empower parents to take a more active role in the education of their children.

For two years running, Con Edison has provided funding to help continue and grow this impressive program. A large portion of Con Edison's support is directed to the school-wide science fair that takes place each spring. With a theme of "Health through Science," students work collaboratively on projects that address different health issues, ranging from the health of the environment to the hospital technology that keeps people healthy.

The Young Women’s Leadership Schools

Con Edison is the lead sponsors of TYWLS' nationally recognized Marine and Earth Science Enrichment Program which provides field-based learning and research opportunities for low-income, inner-city girls attending TYWLS.  This program provides approximately 390 girls (grades 6-12) with often their first experiences in the natural environment. The girls develop science aptitude, are  exposed to role models in STEM fields which serves as a springboard for students' knowledge and interest in STEM.

Salvadori GLOBE program

Salvadori Center's Guided Learning through Our Built Environment (GLOBE) program is an innovative partnership with New York City public schools. Students learn math and science by constructing bridges, physics by building simple machines, and ratio and proportion by making scale models of skyscrapers.  By exploring their communities, students understand how engineering concepts come to life in the built environment.

Students and Con Edison use Science and Technology to Build Robots:

Students and Con Edison use Science and Technology to Build RobotsFIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded in 1989 to interest and inspire students in mathematics and science. The FIRST Robotics Competition is the largest high school event of its kind that develops critical skills in science and technology in a super-charged learning atmosphere. The corporate and community sponsored competition involves more than 20,000 students, teachers, mentors and engineers, on more than 300 teams across the country.

Con Edison's support helps FIRST to continue offering its FIRST Competition in New York, giving greater access to FIRST Robotics to thousands of children in schools in all five boroughs and Westchester County. In addition, Con Edison volunteers donate hundreds of hours a year, acting as mentors to dozens of teams and staffing the 3-day competition.

Con Edison Rocks the Boat:

Con Edison Rocks the BoatRocking the Boat is a boatbuilding and environmental education after-school program based in the West Bronx. The organization operates three boatbuilding programs per year and enrolls 40 high school students from the immediate community. Since 1998, neighborhood youths have constructed over 28 traditional boats of varying designs. While investing in this ancient craft, the student boat builders apply math and organization skills, teamwork, and problem solving. Once assembled, the boats are launched primarily from Hunts Point Park, allowing the students to explore the multiple habitats that exist in the various waterways surrounding the Bronx.

Through its support of Rocking the Boat's hands-on boatbuilding and environmental education, Con Edison has helped to empower over 2,500 South Bronx high school students yearly to deal with everyday realities that are often not addressed at home or in school.

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