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Con Edison Media Relations
October 31, 2012


NEW YORK – Con Edison crews have restored electrical service to 109,000 customers who lost power due to the unprecedented destruction of Hurricane Sandy.

As of 11 a.m., crews were working to restore power to about 786,000 customers still without service. That included approximately 237,000 customers in Manhattan, 115,000 in Staten Island, 109,000 in Queens, 108,000 in Brooklyn, 40,000 in the Bronx, and 176,000 in Westchester County.

Customers in Manhattan and Brooklyn who are served by underground electric equipment should have power back within three days. Restoration to all customers in other areas served by overhead power lines will take at least a week.

Restoring service to customers affected by a storm as destructive as Sandy is arduous and, if not done properly, dangerous. The storm knocked down more than 100,000 primary electrical wires in overhead areas. There are also thousands of secondary wires down.

In addition, some roads were blocked by trees or flooding.

In areas served by underground electrical equipment damaged by the largest storm surge in New York City history, the equipment must be cleaned of seawater, dried, inspected and tested before it can be safely placed back in service.

Con Edison has secured assistance from 1,400 external contractors and mutual aid workers from utilities as far west as California.

Downed electrical wires pose a hazard at any time, but particularly on Halloween when youngsters will be trick-or-treating. Here are some safety tips:

  • Avoid any downed electrical wires or equipment. Treat any wire that's in the street or on lawns as if it's carrying electricity, which can carry painful shocks. They also should avoid any puddles or standing water, which can conduct electricity.
  • Be careful crossing streets, especially at corners with no red lights. Hold on to younger brothers, sisters and friends when crossing the street. Be sure to look both ways.
  • Carry a flashlight when walking even if the street is lighted, but definitely if Hurricane Sandy snuffed out street lights
  • Wear a safety vest. They not only are cool but keep little trick or treaters visible to drivers and others.
  • Never go into a stranger's house. Make sure mom or dad, a guardian, or an older sister or brother, is within sight.
  • Children should always let their parents know where they are going.
  • Children are urged to be careful near Con Edison work sites in their neighborhoods.


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