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Con Edison Media Relations
May 1, 2012
11:45 a.m.


NEW YORK – Antonio (Tony) Caso III, a U.S. Marine veteran and electrical technician from Milford, PA, has received Con Edison’s “Living Our Values” award, the company’s highest honor. The recognition is presented annually to company employees who exemplify the values of service, teamwork and excellence, and who demonstrate an overall concern for the quality of life in their communities.

The Bronx native joined the Marines, serving for six years, shortly after graduating DeWitt Clinton High School in 1981. He did two grueling tours in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War, living in the same Marine barracks subsequently blown up by Islamic Jihad terrorists on October 23, 1983. Two truck bombs hit structures housing U.S. and French Multinational Force members that day, costing 299 lives; 241 of them were American servicemen.

Caso III had been relieved from that spot the month before, showing many of those servicemen their quarters. He’d also been in-country when the U.S. embassy was bombed, later supplementing additional Marine deployments there. After returning home, he began to marvel at appreciating simple things: a sunny day; the birds singing.

He joined New York City and Westchester County-based Con Edison in 1988, starting in Maintenance at the company’s Irving Place headquarters. Today, he’s an electrical technician, known throughout the Bronx-Westchester area where he works as being one of the go-to guys for getting multiple jobs done, always thinking of alternatives to leverage effectiveness no matter how difficult the situation.

“From the moment you meet Tony, you can feel the impact of his energy and enthusiasm,” said Section Manager Patrick Williams.“ Tony’s work on overhead electrical equipment like voltage regulators, capacitors and reclosers helps maintain service reliability, while his efforts involving high voltage tests on bucket trucks keeps our employees safe.”

He’s maximized his effectiveness by earning a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Mercy College with the assistance of the company’s Tuition Aid Program, and is especially known for his modesty, often preferring to shine the spotlight for successful endeavors on others.

The Milford resident met his wife Yadette 15 years ago, when he was receiving a routine physical exam where she worked. Even with their four children, they still find time for volunteer efforts associated with the March of Dimes, the Red Cross, AIDS, Lupus, and cancer walks, as well as with the Special Olympics. His attitude often fosters others to also lend a hand.

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