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Con Edison Media Relations
For Immediate Release: January 27, 2012
3:30 p.m.



NEW YORKYou hear a blood curdling scream, witness a female being brutally robbed at gunpoint, then quickly see two good Samaritans speedily take chase on foot to catch the suspect.

What sounds like a script from an action-packed TV show, in reality turns out to be the efforts of four Con Edison employees who recently saved a Queens woman from imminent danger as a victim of a violent purse snatching.

“She got punched in the face, she was bleeding from her mouth, they chipped her tooth,” said John Kane, a gas operating supervisor on job with his crew in Bayside, Queens.

"As soon as I turned around we saw them, it was a commotion, a lot of yelling, arguing,” said John McDonnell, Mechanic B, who joined the company in 2005.

Kane and McDonnell recalled that the crew approached the menacing suspect. The man  pointed his gun right at them and told them all to step back.  At that moment the suspect ran off.

In an attempt to aid the battered woman, and with total disregard for their personal safety, the four-man team chased the suspect through a neighborhood backyard.

“We ran right there, you know,” said McDonnell, describing the harrowing scene. “You hear something like that happen and you just run right there. You just go right into mode, you want to help somebody."

Despite their heroic efforts, the determined crew lost the perpetrator. The entire crew stayed with the 24-year woman until police arrived.

“She was very grateful that we helped her out and she was very thankful that we stopped the altercation,” said Kane, a 24-year Con Edison employee.

Michael Santeramo, Mechanic A, and Anthony Farmighetti, Mechanic B, rounded out the Con Edison gas crew who helped to thwart the robbery and aided the woman.

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