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For Immediate Release: August 24, 2001


Thanks to the quick action and bravery of two Con Edison workers, a Chinatown woman is alive today, and the slasher that cops say nearly killed her is in jail.

On August 6 at the start of this summer’s record heat wave, Con Edison splicers Adrian Leonard Treanor and Nicholas Bolobanic were three hours into their 3-to-11-p.m. shift repairing an electrical service at a low-rise apartment building on Grand Street in Chinatown.

Screams bounced from the building’s hallway.

“I heard a woman scream, ‘Help me! He’s killing me!’” said “Lenny” Treanor. In seconds, Treanor walked into the basement and spotted a man savagely stabbing a woman with 12-inch scissors.

“I told the guy to leave her alone and then I hooked him with my left my arm,” said Treanor, who stands 6-foot-3.

Treanor said the attacker broke free, but the veteran splicer grabbed the man again. His partner Bolobanic called 911. Treanor and a neighbor dragged the suspect outside and held him for police officers from the 5th Precinct stationhouse.

Since Treanor had separated the thug from his victim, Bolobanic could start first aid on the 36-year old woman, who was bleeding from life-threatening lacerations on her face, neck and shoulders.

“The woman needed immediate medical attention because she was in a state of shock and trembling,” said Bolobanic. “I looked around the truck and brought her towels and ice… anything I could find to help control the bleeding.”

The victim was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where she was in stable condition, and released after a few days.

Detectives charged the suspect with attempted murder. He’s awaiting trial on Rikers Island. “This woman sustained severe wounds from this attack,” said Detective Tracy Eutsay, of the 5th Precinct. “If these workers did not intervene she would have been killed. They took a great risk in helping this citizen,” the detective added.

Both splicers are assigned to the East 16th Street workout yard in Manhattan. Treanor, whose co-workers call him a quiet “gentleman’s gentleman,” is a 32-year Con Edison veteran. He lives in Fresh Meadows, Queens with his wife Maureen and their three children. Treanor also serves as a winter volunteer for the homeless at St. Kevin’s Church in Flushing.

“I’d do it again. If I can help someone, I will help,” Treanor said.

Bolobanic, a Plainview, Long Island resident, joined Con Edison 13 years ago. He credits his annual first aid and CPR training from the company, plus his degree in clinical psychology for his quick action in saving the woman.

“This was a learning experience for me,” Bolobanic said. “I’ve worked in the school system in the past, but nothing like this has ever happened to me.” He added, “We just couldn’t stand there and do nothing. I feel like we did something good, but I also think the average person would have done the same thing.”

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