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For Immediate Release: July 1, 1997
Contact: Joe Petta


When Con Edison engineers are called in by building owners or managers to troubleshoot suspected power quality problems, very often the trouble is found to be improper grounding or wiring, which can cause interference in television and radio broadcasts or even result in data errors on computer systems.

For many of Con Edison's large commercial and industrial customers, power quality is an important consideration. An understanding of power quality issues is especially important for the successful operation of many high-tech customers in areas such as broadcasting, finance, publishing and medicine. Con Edison's Power Quality Service Center was created as a resource for customers looking for solutions to various power-related problems.

"Con Edison developed its Power Quality Service Center with the intent of forming new partnerships with customers to promote innovative and effective solutions to power quality problems. It is the Center's mission to build solid, long-term business relationships with customers by providing research, training and knowledge for their benefit," said Peter Hofmann, Con Edison's manager of the Center.

While Power Quality may not have been an issue 15 or 20 years ago, today's sensitive electronic equipment presents new challenges. Con Edison is helping its customers meet those challenges through a combination of problem-solving information, on-site troubleshooting and project management for customers who have chosen to undertake projects to mitigate their power quality problems.

In addition, the company offers training for building owners and managers that helps them to understand the wide range of possible problems and how to identify them. "Many situations that appear to be power quality problems often involve basic compliance with electrical code, especially in the area of proper grounding. While our training for facilities personnel is not a code course, much of what is covered reinforces basic electrical code," explained Hofmann.

The training raises customers' awareness of power quality issues and covers topics such as harmonic distortion, equipment monitoring and wiring and grounding. Currently there is a series of six training sessions annually.

Another service Con Edison is offering its customers through the Power Quality Service Center is the PQ Pager system, a power quality monitoring instrument designed to be permanently mounted near a building's service entrance equipment or a facility's critical load, such as a data center or broadcasting studio. The pager recognizes power quality events and describes them to the customer using its built-in alpha numeric paging capabilities. Facility managers can quickly obtain the status of incoming service voltage quality, which is important in knowing how to investigate equipment or process interruptions that may occur because of voltage disturbances.

For more information about Con Edison's Power Quality Service Center and the PQ Pager system, call the Center at 1-800- 522-5635, speak with your Con Edison account representative or send an e-mail to Or, you can visit the Con Edison Power Quality Service Center on the World Wide Web.

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