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For Immediate Release: February 4, 1997

Con Edison Has Its First New Customer Outside Its Service Area In 60 Years

Con Edison has entered into contracts to sell electricity to consumers outside its regulated service area for the first time since 1936.

The company signed one-year deals with 17 commercial and residential customers in Rockland County to supply 920 kilowatts of electricity. The customers include two Toys `R' Us stores, two CVS drug stores and the Stony Point Fire Department.

"This historic milestone for Con Edison demonstrates that we can retain our position as the nation's most reliable utility and be competitive as well," said John A. Arceri, Con Edison's vice president for Energy Services.

A pilot retail access program by Orange and Rockland (O&R) Utilities makes it possible for Con Edison to sell power to these customers. The award to Con Edison represents about 10 percent of the total power offered to small commercial customers by the O&R pilot program. More than one dozen power marketers and utilities were eligible to bid for the contracts won by Con Edison.

Power for the customers' businesses and homes will be bought in bulk by Con Edison's Megawatt-Hour Store and delivered to O&R's electric distribution system. O&R will then deliver it to the 17 customers.

The Megawatt-Hour Store purchases bulk power for the company's customers from other utilities and power marketers in the Northeast. Bulk power purchases help reduce power costs and the savings are reflected in the fuel adjustment section of customers' monthly bills.

The new customers are expected to save about three to five percent on their total monthly electric bills.

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