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Richard D. Mulieri, Director
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For Immediate Release: January 7, 1997


The lights blink for a fraction of a second at the landmark CitiCorp Center and the alpha-numeric pager of the building's property manager sounds a minute later. The message: "Con Edison feeder 20M12 opened automatically and one of six feeders to 619 Lexington Avenue is out of service, the system is stable." The property manager doesn't have to wonder if it was a Con Edison electrical disturbance, or an internal building wiring problem. He knows.

"We wanted to be part of Con Edison's Electronic Notification System because the CitiCorp Center is so dependent on reliable power. Now we're in touch immediately and know exactly what our power situation is at all times," said Joe Greisch, Cushman and Wakefield's property manager for the CitiCorp building.

Providing Con Edison's largest electric customers with power-related information specific to their Manhattan buildings is now possible with the Electronic Notification System (ENS). ENS messages are also dispatched to Con Edison account executives and major account representatives who support these property managers and lease holders around- the-clock. ENS provides them information to ensure that our customers' electrical needs are being met. To date, 84 of the utility's major customers have taken advantage of this valuable new service.

The Electronic Notification System is widely accepted and valued by property managers and owners, building engineers and computer room supervisors for companies like Rudin Management Co.; Cushman and Wakefield, Inc.; Edward S. Gordon Company, Inc.; Bankers Trust Corp. and the New York Clearing House Association.


ENS is supported by a sophisticated computerized monitoring system that manages Con Edison's electric system. That system produces instantaneous alarms and status reports to its Manhattan control room. Control room personnel, on duty around-the-clock, determine if any trouble exists that could affect a customer. They can then access the "Intranet- based" Electronic Notification System computer screen to send general and specific alpha-numeric pages to a pre- programmed list of the company's major customers and internal managers. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT

New Manhattan customers are joining existing ENS users each day. Large Manhattan customers with sensitive electrical system needs can call Con Edison's Manhattan Energy Services at 212-338-4636, if they are interested in becoming an ENS user.

A prototype ENS for Con Edison's steam system is being readied. The advent of new two-way pagers with E-mail capability will bring a new dimension to the system because customers don't need to be near a phone, computer, or fax to have a live two-way information exchange.

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