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gas system

Graphic view of the gas distribution system (PDF format)

Con Edison distributes natural gas to 1.1 million customers in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Westchester County, making us one of the larger gas distribution companies in the United States.

Nearly 4,300 miles of gas mains and 384,000 service pipes transport an average of about 225 billion cubic feet of natural gas a year.

Con Edison receives approximately 16 percent of its revenues from natural gas.

Turning on the stove is just the start of a complicated journey over hundreds of miles, beginning in the gas fields of Texas, Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico, and today 30%of Con Edison’s gas comes from Canada.

Con Edison receives natural gas at several delivery points, called metering stations, where the pressure is reduced and the gas is fed into the company's 7,300 miles of mains and service pipes for delivery to customers.

When flows of gas into the Con Edison system exceed demand, the surplus is put in storage at facilities in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and northern New York state.

Most of Con Edison's 1.1 million natural gas customers use gas for cooking. About 221,000 also use gas for residential heating.

Natural gas customers can choose a supplier other than Con Edison. No matter who supplies a customer's gas, however, Con Edison will continue to distribute it to customers in its service area. For more information about choosing a supplier of natural gas, visit

Mercaptan is added to natural gas to make it easier to detect in case of a leak. Click here to learn more.


Customers by service area:

  • Manhattan - 335,338
  • Bronx - 297,134
  • Queens - 200,110
  • Westchester - 227,965
On our gas system, we use a variety of no-dig technologies that enable us to make repairs with less excavation, which means fewer traffic interruptions, less noise, less dust emissions and reduced expense.

Con Edison is recognized as an industry leader in pioneering new gas technologies. For example, our “smart regulator,” an automated device that efficiently and safely controls distribution of gas received R&D Magazine’s 100 Award for this significant innovation.

Interesting Information
  • Natural gas takes about five days to reach New York City from the gas fields.
  • Gas travels through the pipelines at approximately 15 miles per hour.
  • Some of the gas transmission pipelines are as wide as 42 inches across.
  • The Con Edison gas system has nearly 7,300 miles of pipes if laid end to end, long enough to reach Paris and back.
  • The average amount of gas that travels through Con Edison's gas system annually could fill the Empire State Building nearly 6,100 times.

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