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electric system

Graphic view of the electric distribution system (PDF format)

Graphic view of the underground network (PDF format)

Con Edison operates one of the most complex electric power systems in the world. It is also the world's most reliable.

Con Edison delivers electricity to more than 3 million customers through a huge transmission and distribution network. The company has built the world's largest system of underground electric cables to accommodate the congested and densely populated urban area it serves. The system features approximately 94,000 miles of underground cable. Con Edison's nearly 34,000 miles of overhead electric wires complement the underground system.

Annual electric usage reaches almost 55 billion kilowatt hours in Con Edison's service area. Electricity accounts for about 75 percent of Con Edison's total revenues.

Deregulation required the restructuring of New York's electric power industry, and of Con Edison. The company divested most of its electric generating capacity. Con Edison now relies on buying wholesale power from other suppliers. Industry and corporate restructuring has had little effect on Con Edison's extensive transmission and distribution system. Customers, however, can now choose from a number of suppliers, to purchase their electricity, which Con Edison will continue to deliver. For more information about selecting an alternate supplier, visit


2,204 primary feeders and 61 area substations

Underground Overhead
  • 94,000 miles of cable
  • 264,000 manholes and service boxes
  • 35,000 underground transformers
  • 34,000 miles of cable
  • 206,000 utility poles
  • 47,000 overhead transformers

The system by service area:


  • Serves approximately 1.4 million residents
  • 41 square miles of service area
  • 2,679 miles of overhead wire
  • 10,901 miles of underground cable
  • 18,023 utility poles
  • 29,668 manholes and service boxes


  • Serves approximately 2.5 million residents
  • 70 square miles of service area
  • 3,552 miles of overhead wire
  • 27,317 miles of underground cable
  • 26,288 utility poles
  • 76,697 manholes


  • Serves approximately 1.6 million residents
  • 23 square miles of service area
  • 21,216 miles of underground cable
  • 60,026 manholes and service boxes


  • Serves approximately 2.3 million residents
  • 108 square miles of service area
  • 6,995 miles of overhead wire
  • 24,795 miles of underground cable
  • 39,670 utility poles
  • 80,921 manholes and service boxes

Staten Island

  • Serves approximately 479,000 residents
  • 58 square miles of service area
  • 5,019 miles of overhead wire
  • 2,748 miles of underground cable
  • 29,422 utility poles
  • 5,654 manholes and service boxes

Westchester County

  • Serves approximately 949,000 residents
  • 310 square miles of service area
  • 16,756 miles of overhead wires
  • 7,069 miles of underground cable
  • 93,212 utility poles
  • 11,369 manholes and service boxes

Interesting Information
  • The 94,000 miles of underground cable in the Con Edison system could wrap around the Earth 3.7 times.
  • Our 33,726 miles of overhead cable is enough to stretch between New York and Los Angeles 11 times.
  • There are more than six million room air conditioners in the Con Edison service territory.
  • We anticipate that more than 850,000 room air conditioning units will be added in the Con Edison service area over the next five years.
  • One megawatt is enough energy to power 1,000 average homes.
  • One kilowatt of electricity can power a 10,000 BTU (large) air conditioner.
  • 350 kilowatt hours are used each month in a typical Con Edison New York City customer's home.
  • 500 kilowatt hours are used each month in the typical Westchester customer's home.

Con Edison operates the world's largest underground electric system. Our electric system is the most reliable electric service in the United States, and has comparable reliability to the most dependable electric delivery systems in the world.

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