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July 24, 2007
2:00 p.m.


Con Edison crews are continuing to work in conjunction with other agencies around the site of last Wednesday’s steam-main rupture. Cleanup efforts will include washing, and then vacuuming the water inside the affected area. When the site is safe to begin work, excavation and shoring will begin, followed by repair work. We will also begin on-site fact-finding efforts to help determine the cause of this event.

Additionally, Con Edison is continuing to work with businesses in the area to understand the nature of their damages. Customers are asked to file claims with the company for the value of business fixtures and equipment, or goods and merchandise spoiled or damaged by the event. The company also has agreed to pay for the cleanup, both in buildings and on the streets and sidewalks. 

Con Edison also has established outreach vans on the corner of East 42nd Street and Madison Avenue and on the corner of East 45th Street and Lexington Avenue to receive clothing and personal belongings from people who were in the area and affected by the event.  The company has been both processing claims and sending out reimbursements to individuals affected.

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