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Now is a great time to switch to clean, efficient natural gas.

Before you submit a gas service request, we encourage you to obtain your property's “internal conversion costs” (e.g. gas piping, equipment, and chimney-liner costs) from a licensed professional to determine if converting to natural gas is a viable option (assuming a low/zero capital cost option). In addition, your building should have the conversion funding in place and be ready to contract with a licensed plumber/contractor(s) to perform the associated conversion work. If you decide natural gas is right for you, Con Edison recommends that you have a licensed professional submit your gas service request.

Your gas service request must include the following:

  • Select "Convert to Natural Gas (includes space heating)” option as request type for all oil to gas conversions
  • Authorization from customer to submit this request
  • Property's block and lot number
  • Requirement for a unique customer e-mail address
  • Existing oil type (2, 4, or 6)
  • The type of service you will require (firm, interruptible, or both)
  • Property's point-of-entry (POE)
  • Property's invoiced oil bills for the last 24 months must be submitted as an attached file
  • Boiler configuration for the installation of two or more boilers (e.g. lead lag, 100% redundant)
  • Contractors are now required to complete the load information screen. Load letter attachments are no longer accepted

After your gas service request has been submitted, we will send you correspondence, detailing the next steps in the process, to the e-mail provided in your gas service request. Please carefully review the information provided in the service determination as it contains financial and time-sensitive information about your project, including Con Edison’s Natural Gas Commitment Letter. Be sure to use the provided gas service request (case) number when making inquiries about your conversion project.

Call 1-800-643-1289
to learn more.

For 1-4 Family customers, find if gas is available in your area

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