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Area Growth

Future Area Growth Plan Through 2019

Area Growth Overview

Con Edison has identified 11 Area Growth Zones for possible expansion of our existing natural gas infrastructure in 2017. Buildings within these zones may be eligible to connect at no cost for firm gas service with one point of entry to each building's property line for its total gas load. This expansion is contingent on customers in a given zone proceeding with their conversions in accordance with the applicable timeline.

Converting from oil to natural gas saves money on fuel and maintenance. Cleaner-burning natural gas can also help improve the air quality in your neighborhood and throughout the city. In addition, this zone approach will allow us to coordinate our construction activity in order to reduce disruption and noise in your neighborhood.

In order for Con Edison to plan for the gas infrastructure needs of interested customers, timelines with required action items have been established for each zone. To view timelines and other information for each zone, click on the maps below:

Maps and Timelines

Manhattan Bronx
Manhattan Bronx

How to Participate:

In order to be included as an Area Growth Zone participant, Con Edison must be in receipt of the following documentation by the deadline indicated in the applicable timeline:

  • A 2017 Area Growth Acknowledgment Letter signed by the customer (or duly authorized representative), specific to your applicable zone, submitted to Con Edison at with the applicable zone indicated in the “Subject” line.
  • An electronic gas service request submitted to Con Edison at with applicable zone indicated in the “Scope of Work“ section of the request.

All requirements as indicated in the applicable timeline must be fulfilled in order to meet the target gas turn-on dates set for Fall 2017.

Customers with an existing active gas service request, whose property resides within a 2017 Area Growth Zone, may also participate by providing Con Edison with a 2017 Area Growth Acknowledgment Letter signed by the customer (or duly authorized representative) by the deadline indicated in the applicable zone.

Interested customers outside of these zones, or who apply for gas service after the applicable submission deadline, may submit an electronic gas service request to Con Edison in the ordinary course of business. These requests will be handled through our traditional business process for individual cost determination and scheduling.

Con Edison is planning additional growth areas for 2018, and information on those zones is expected to be released in Spring 2017.

For more information on the Area Growth plan or how to convert to natural gas, please review our frequently asked questions at, or call 1-800-643-1289 (press #1).

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