Con Edison's Plan Helps New York Prepare for the Next Storm of the Century

Three years after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast, Con Edison continues to reinforce its overhead and underground energy delivery systems with multiple layers of storm protections.

Since initiating our four-year, $1 billion Fortifying The Future storm-hardening program, Con Edison has averted more than 65,000 customer outages.

Here's what we're working on:

  • Minimizing Outages

    We are reducing the number of customers served by a single section of overhead line to fewer than 500. This means 15 to 20 percent fewer homes and businesses will lose power during major storms.

  • Stronger Poles and Cables

    To make our overhead system more resilient, we've invested in stronger, tree-branch-resistant aerial cable and utility poles that withstand wind gusts up to 110 mph. We're also installing service wires that detach from our system when branches fall on them, preventing damage to homes and removing the danger of live wires on the ground.

  • More Submersible Equipment

    Throughout the underground system, we're installing more equipment that won't be damaged by flood waters and will operate under water.

  • Reconfiguring Underground Electric Networks

    We've reconfigured two underground electric networks in Lower Manhattan that allow us to turn off our energy systems at the greatest risk of flooding, but keep electricity flowing in the surrounding grid.

  • Better Communications

    We’ve introduced a new, free iPhone and Android app, My conEdison, so customers can report power problems, check status, and view our interactive outage map. We’re also offering text messages for outage updates and safety tips.

  • Moats and Walls

    To protect electric substations and steam-generating plants from flooding, we've built concrete moats and walls around critical equipment. We've also elevated equipment.

  • Westchester Communications

    We've created a new online tool to improve coordination and communications with municipalities during major outages. Officials can get local details about outages, road closures, crew locations, dry ice distribution, outreach van locations, and more.

  • Brighton Beach

    We completed a major smart-grid project to protect customers in our Brighton Beach electric underground network in Brooklyn. With high-voltage customers off line, other customers can remain in service during a storm.

  • Securing Tunnels

    To protect our tunnels carrying steam and gas mains and high-voltage electric feeders from flooding, we are reinforcing and building new concrete entrances. The Astoria, Ravenswood, Hudson Ave, 11th Street, and Flushing tunnels are expected to be completely reinforced by 2016.

  • New Storm-Proof Doors

    Our own designers, welders, machinists, and mechanics crafted more than 160 water-proof storm doors to protect our people and equipment from future storm surges.

  • Securing Gas Service

    To protect gas customers, we're replacing cast iron and steel gas pipes in flood-prone areas. We put in place special “float-check” valves to protect gas services from floods.

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