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Targeted Demand Side Management (DSM) Program

Targeted Neighborhoods Can Benefit From Efficiency Upgrades

Utility companies have always managed the supply of energy; making sure enough electricity was available to match customer demand at any given time. Increasingly, utilities are also trying to manage the demand side of this equation. “Demand side management” or “DSM” programs help reduce customer demand for electricity. Using less electricity when demand is high (like on a hot summer day) can mean fewer new power plants and a smaller electric distribution system, saving money and improving the environment for everyone.

Each year, Con Edison forecasts the demand for electricity to determine where and when equipment upgrades may be needed to maintain reliable electric service. In certain cases where upgrades are needed, the Targeted DSM Program is offered in neighborhoods to help reduce the demand on the electric system. Through direct customer participation in the program, the demand for electricity is reduced, allowing Con Edison to delay the need for expensive equipment upgrades in targeted neighborhoods.

Customers also see a direct benefit from reducing energy demand by installing or upgrading to high-efficiency equipment through lower energy bills, improved equipment reliability, reduced maintenance issues and costs, and better overall indoor space quality. Energy efficiency is also a smart way to help the environment since using less energy contributes to fewer air pollutants, preserves natural resources, and promotes the use of domestic energy sources.

Current Targeted DSM incentives for customers:

  • Brooklyn and Queens – small business customers can find out about eligibility requirements for additional incentives on equipment upgrades in selected neighborhoods

If you were a previous Targeted DSM participant in our lighting upgrade program and have questions, please e-mail us.