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NYC GreenHouse

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NYC GreenHouse Greater Building Plan - Benchmarking

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Personalized Energy Savings Tips and Upgrades for Your 5-75 Unit Building

Do you own or manage a multi-family building? Con Edison's Multi-family Energy Program can help you identify energy-efficient and cost-effective improvements and help you save on energy costs. Plus, we'll provide free and subsidized upgrades.


  • Learn tips that can save you a bundle
  • Take the first steps toward energy-efficiency
  • Increase desirability of units by improving quality of life for tenants


  • Free surveys to evaluate common areas and individual units for lighting, heating, and cooling upgrades
  • Free installation of low cost electric and gas energy-saving devices inside individual units
  • Rebates for common area electric efficiency measures such as fluorescent lighting, motion sensors, and bilevel-controlled fixtures.
  • Rebates for common area gas efficiency measures such as boilers, insulation, and heating system controls and maintenance

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Con Edison customers who own or manage 5-75 unit buildings are eligible.
  • Con Edison firm gas customers who own or manage 5-75 unit buildings are also eligible.

Program Details

With Con Edison's multifamily energy survey, a Green Team energy professional will come to your building and evaluate your lighting and heating equipment, and offer energy-saving recommendations. Once your building is enrolled in the program, residents can receive free CFLs, water saving devices, and smart strips. Building owners are offered incentives for certain upgrades, including lighting fixtures, LED exit signs, HVAC systems, and more. The program also provides building owners with access to a network of qualified installation contractors and a quality assurance inspection upon work completion. To view the list of contractors participating in the program click here.

For a list of contractors participating in the program who perform oil-to-gas conversions, click here.

To view the fact sheet that contains a more detailed description of incentives available under the program, click here.

How to Apply

For more information, and to schedule a survey, contact us or give us a call at (877) 634-9443.