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Reducing Energy Use During Power Shortages

Could your business benefit from getting paid to use less energy? Can your business occasionally reduce its electricity demand for at least a four-hour stretch? Con Edison’s Installed Capacity Program (ICAP) pays eligible business customers to temporarily cut back energy use during power shortages or other emergencies. We’ll even throw in our Demand Monitoring Software free of charge to make it easy for you.

Benefits & Incentives

  • Payment based on a capacity rate that varies depending on the capability period and location. The capacity payment rate can be found here.
  • Energy payment that equals the higher of the real time Locational-Based Marginal Price adjusted for losses or the amount specified on the customer’s application, but no more than $.50/kWh
  • Free Demand Monitoring Software (DMS)

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Participants must be willing and able to reduce their electric load by at least 100kW for at least four hours
  • Dual enrollment in other capacity based programs is not allowed
  • A Billing Interval Meter is required

Program Details

Con Edison offers business customers their choice of two programs activated by the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO). Both the Installed Capacity Program and the Emergency Demand Response Program seek to reduce demand during power shortages or other emergencies.

Apply Now To sign up for Con Edison’s Installed Capacity Program just fill out either the Individual or Demand Response Service Provider application form.

Still have questions? Email us at, or give us a call at (877) 870-6118. For more information about CPRP, read through the Con Edison Service Classification Rider V.
are (DMS)

Get a free programmable thermostat now for your central air conditioning system, manage energy use and help your community, too.
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Demand Response
If you can periodically reduce your electric load by 50kW and are located in the Con Edison Service territory, contact us to learn more about our demand response programs and how to apply.
Contact us to learn more about enrollment in demand response programs.
Rebates and Incentives for Commercial and Industrial Customers
New for commercial and industrial customers: rebate and performance-based incentives for energy efficient technologies. Click here for more information.

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