Energy Efficiency

Demand response programs

Contact us at or call 1-877-870-6118.

Day ahead peak demand forecast

The forecasted system peak load will be available starting May 1, 2014.

CSRP planned events will be called if the day ahead forecast is 96% (or greater) of the forecasted summer peak demand.

This information is only for Con Edison's Demand Response programs

Your business may also be eligible for additional demand response programs offered by the New York Independent System Operator.

Demand response / billing interval meter

Is your billing meter ready for our demand response programs?

A billing interval meter measures and records electrical use each hour. Data collected by the meter is used to verify load reduction and calculate appropriate payment for participation in demand response programs.

Con Edison will install the meter. To arrange for installation, complete and return the Metering Upgrade Application.

Incentives are available for the cost of the billing interval meter installations through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). For more information, visit NYSERDA or call 1-518-862-1090.

Meter Upgrade Cost Information for Demand Response Programs 2012

Billing Interval Metering without pulse output $1499.46
Billing Interval Metering with pulse output $1621.08
Billing Interval Meter with Digital Cellular without pulse output (Wireless) $1911.38
Billing Interval Meter with Digital Cellular with pulse output (Wireless) $2,222.54
Billing Interval Meter with DCX without pulse output $2,558.81
Billing Interval Meter with DCX with pulse output $2,767.45

Please note that appropriate telecommunication lines used for monthly billing are required and should be within two feet of the billing interval meter. If a wireless meter is required, a survey for wireless meter viability is $200. For more information refer to the Metering Upgrade Application.