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Get Paid to Use Less Energy During Peak Demand

Can your business reduce its electric consumption during times of peak demand? Want to take advantage of daily fluctuations in wholesale pricing? Con Edison’s Day-Ahead Demand Reduction Program (DADRP) can help your business get paid to use less energy when everyone else is using more. We’ll even provide the software to make it all possible, for free!

Benefits & Incentives

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Full-service Con Edison Business Customers are eligible
  • Customers must reduce their load by at least 100kW
  • Minimum commitment of one year
  • Participating customers must have a billing interval meter

If customers don’t reduce their load by the agreed-upon amount they must buy back the shortfall at either the day-ahead or real-time hourly price, whichever is greater

Program Details
Electricity costs are always changing—costs are higher during hours of expected peak use and lower during non-peak hours. Con Edison submits aggregated load reduction nominations to the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) on behalf of DADRP participants. When wholesale electric markets exceed a predetermined “strike” price, NYISO accepts these load reduction nominations as needed. Con Edison then alerts participating customers to these “day-ahead” reduction offers, which will be for specific times of the day. Participants can then decide whether to reduce demand at the offered rate. And Con Edison’s free Demand Monitoring Software makes it all easy.

Apply Now
To sign up for Con Edison’s DADRP Program, email us at, or give us a call at (877) 870-6118. For more information about DAHP, read through the Con Edison Service Classification Rider W.

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Demand Response
If you can periodically reduce your electric load by 50kW and are located in the Con Edison Service territory, contact us to learn more about our demand response programs and how to apply.
Contact us to learn more about enrollment in demand response programs.
Rebates and Incentives for Commercial and Industrial Customers
New for commercial and industrial customers: rebate and performance-based incentives for energy efficient technologies. Click here for more information.
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