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Demand response programs

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Day ahead peak demand forecast

The forecasted system peak load will be available starting May 1, 2014.

CSRP planned events will be called if the day ahead forecast is 96% (or greater) of the forecasted summer peak demand.

This information is only for Con Edison's Demand Response programs

Your business may also be eligible for additional demand response programs offered by the New York Independent System Operator.

Demand response / 21 Hour Notification Program

Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP) Details

Participating customers receive notice to start reducing electrical usage 21 hours in advance followed by a second notice two hours in advance.

The Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP) has a Reservation Payment option and a Voluntary Participation option.

CSRP Reservation Payment Option

Customers who enroll in a Reservation Payment option will receive monthly payments based on the amount of energy they have pledged to reduce upon request. These customers receive additional payments for actual load reduced. Customers receive payments regardless of whether Con Edison requests to reduce electrical usage.

Customers in the Reservation Payment option receive $5.00 per kW per month and $.50 for each kWh that is reduced during an event.

Reservation Payment participants are required to participate in a one hour test event every year. In the past, these participants have been asked to participate two to five times per year for five hours at a time. Customers requested to reduce usage for non-test event are expected to maintain reduced usage for at least 5 hours.

CSRP Voluntary Participation Option

Customers enrolled in the Voluntary Participation option only receive payments if Con Edison requests and they reduce energy.

The Voluntary Participation option does not require customers to reduce when requested. These customers receive $1.50 for each kWh that is reduced during an event. Con Edison has issued requests to reduce usage to these customers on the average two to five times per year. Customers requested to reduce usage are expected to maintain reduced usage for at least 5 hours.

CSRP Rules

Con Edison may issue requests to reduce usage any weekday between May 1 and October 31. Customers are expected to maintain reduced usage for one hour in cases of test notifications and for at least 5 hours in other cases.

Customers must be able to decrease their demand during their defined network event call windows.

Enrollments for CSRP starts in March and will be accepted up to May 1st for the current year.

To help ensure air quality improvements associated with these programs, high environmental standards have been established, including limitations on participating Distributed Generation (DG) and exclusion of DG other than renewable resources in close proximity to certain electric generators for CSRP. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation maps show the geographical areas where DG is prohibited.

Energy usage reduction is measured using Con Edison's Customer Baseline Load procedure.

For more information about CSRP, go to the Con Edison Service Classification Rider S.

Apply Now

We encourage you to apply through a participating Aggregator. If you are able to reduce 50 kW or more, you can also apply directly with Con Edison by submitting an Individual Application.

Aggregator Application is for aggregators who wish to apply on the behalf of their customers.