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Customers who charge electric vehicles at their homes can choose to remain on our standard residential rate (EL1), or to enroll in our voluntary time-of-use (VTOU) rate.

Under our EL1 rate, you will pay the same market-based price (per kilowatt-hour) regardless of when you use electricity morning, afternoon, evening or overnight.

Under VTOU, however, you will pay a reduced price for electricity used during the designated off-peak period. During the peak and super-peak periods, the price will be higher than the EL1 rate. This serves as an incentive to reduce electric consumption during the times when system-wide usage and the cost of generating electricity are at their highest.

See the charts below for an explanation of the VTOU time periods and pricing.

Peak, Off-Peak and Super-Peak Periods

Peak Off-Peak Super-Peak*
8AM - 12 Mid 12 Mid - 8AM 2PM - 6PM

*The super-peak period will be in effect Monday through Friday only during the summer months (June 1 — September 30). Super-peak pricing will apply only to a customer's supply charges.

Delivery Rates

  Peak Off-Peak Super-Peak
June 1 — Sept 30 19.24 cents/kWh 1.36 cents/kWh 19.24 cents/kWh
All other months 7.13 cents/kWh 1.36 cents/kWh N/A

A customer/basic-service charge of $19.87 per month applies, along with any applicable delivery charges and adjustments as specified in general rule 26 of the Con Edison electric tariff.

For more information on voluntary time-of-use rates and whether they are right for you, visit

Price Guarantee

Full-service and ESCO customers who register plug-in electric vehicles with Con Edison will be given a price guarantee if they choose to be billed under the VTOU rate. The terms of the price guarantee are:

  • You must register a Plug-in Electric Vehicle with Con Edison. This includes providing proof that the vehicle will be charged at the address billed under the VTOU rate (in most cases, a DMV registration with an address that matches your service address will suffice).
  • The guarantee will apply for a period of one year beginning with the first full billing cycle after you register your Plug-in Electric Vehicle with us.
  • Under the price guarantee, you are assured that you will not pay more over the course of the one-year period than you would have paid under the standard EL1 rate.
  • The cost comparison will be made on a total bill basis for full-service customers and on a delivery-only basis for customers who purchase their electric supply from an energy services company (ESCO).
  • Sorry, existing time-of-use customers are not eligible to enroll for the price guarantee.

To apply for the price guarantee, please email the following information to

  • Your name, 15-digit Con Edison account number and a contact phone number.
  • A signed, written request to be billed under the voluntary time-of-use rate.
  • A copy of your vehicle registration with an address that matches the service address of your Con Edison account. If vehicle registration does not match the service address, please provide other documentation verifying that the Plug-in Electric Vehicle will be charged at your home, in addition to the vehicle registration..
  • Whether you are a solar net-metering customer.

The following information is not required to enroll for the price guarantee, but would be helpful in the planning of future electric-vehicle programs.

  • The make and model of your Plug-in Electric Vehicle, and whether it is leased or owned.
  • The type of charging station that you will be using level 1 (120 volts) or level 2 (208/240 volts).
  • The make and model of the charging station (only necessary for level 2).
  • The estimated average number of miles driven per day.
  • Whether there is a second site where you regularly charge your Plug-in Electric Vehicle (work, a second home, etc.).

Once our representatives have reviewed your documentation, we will contact you via email to confirm your enrollment in the price guarantee.


Electric vehicle customers may also want to consider purchasing their energy supply from an energy services company (ESCO). These companies can offer different rates and pricing structures than Con Edison, some of which may be beneficial to customers who charge their EVs at home.

For more information about choosing an ESCO, visit  

What’s next?

At Con Edison, we are paying close attention to the potential impact of EV adoption on the electric grid. Our goal is to ensure that the transition to electric vehicles is as smooth as possible. Want to know what we’ve learned so far?


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