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If you are a customer that is specifically interested in solar photovoltaic technology we recommend that you visit our Solar Energy page. This page will help you explore the finer details of solar energy technology and the process you can expect to bring solar to your place of business or residence. Con Edison understands the importance of sustainability and has dedicated a large part of this website to helping you with your solar energy installation. Please review our Process Guide to determine your next step.

Pilot Program

Con Edison is looking for volunteers to join our Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Pilot Program. We're collecting PEV, whole-house, and solar energy data from customers who own a PEV. This information may help us develop future electric rates to benefit PEV customers. Participating in this program may help you manage your energy use to fit your lifestyle, allow you to program your PEV online or with your smartphone, and help ensure reliable power for you and your neighbors. Plus, you'll be breathing easier by helping to reduce air pollution.

  • Help us test alternative metering technology that measures how much electricity your PEV uses separate from the rest of your household use.
  • We'll monitor your charging habits to see how much electricity you use and what time of day you use it. This will help us understand how customers charge their PEVs or if customers are willing and able to shift their charging to off-peak times.

Eligibility & Requirements:

This pilot is open to residential Con Edison customers with Internet access who charge an electric vehicle at their Con Edison service address.


You'll get free installation of energy measurement and communication equipment, plus:

  • Access to an online portal to view in real-time how much electricity you're using in your home and to charge your PEV. If you have solar panels, you can see how much energy they produce, too.
  • Ability to program the charging of your PEV online or with your smartphone.
  • Summary reports on your PEV, whole-house energy use, and solar energy production. This information may be useful in making any decision to switch to a time-of-use rate.

Pilot Program Details:

  • We'll replace for free your current Con Edison meter with an advanced meter with home area network capability. This can measure your whole-house energy consumption.
  • We'll install a free device controller (DC) on the same circuit as your PEV charging station and solar arrays, if applicable. The DC will measure your PEV energy consumption and how much energy your solar arrays produce.

Participants may be asked to shift their PEV charging to certain off-peak time periods whenever practical.

How to Apply:

E-mail the following information to

  1. Your name, address, phone number, and Con Edison account number
  2. Vehicle make and model
  3. Type of charging station-Level 1 (120 volts) or Level 2 (208/240 volts)
  4. Charging station make and model (only necessary for Level 2).
  5. Size of solar installation in kW (if applicable)

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