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Diversity at Con Edison
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women in nontraditional jobs

At Con Edison, women are engineers, mechanics, general utility workers, and top executives, to name just a few. A nontraditional job is an occupation where women comprise less than 25 percent of workers.

Meet some of the women who keep New York's energy moving.

Marie Vaceannie
Distribution Splicer, Electric Operations

I am responsible for maintaining, upgrading, repairing, and providing light and power to keep the city that never sleeps in motion 24/7. Being a part of it is a great, rewarding feeling.

These days a job is a job. Once you are able and willing as a woman, you can do it. Look at me. I did! I wanted to do this, I went for it, and guess what? It's been 14 years and I am still doing it. I must admit, it was very challenging at first, being around mostly men and feeling isolated at times. And yes, being a woman in a man's world can be tough. I believed in myself, stood my ground, and in due time, I must say, I am now respected by not just the guys at work, but the men and women outside the company.

Jessica Barcco
Shift Supervisor, Substation Operations

I manage and direct substation operators and other substation personnel throughout Con Edison's 101 substation territories. My job is very challenging, yet rewarding at the same time. It requires a diverse skill set, the ability to multitask, problem solve, and communicate with several other departments, as well as with different levels of management throughout the company. A typical work day for me consists of a 12-hour shift within a rotation. This rotation requires me to work day shifts, night shifts, weekends, and the occasional holiday.

As a woman working as a substation supervisor in the electrical utility field which is predominately male, I am proud and enthusiastic to bring a level of diversity to the forefront. It is very gratifying to know that every one of my decisions affects not only my department, but the company as a whole by adding value and substance. These decisions are reflected in the company's bottom line and greatly impact our customers in a positive way.

Yelena Skorobogatov
Technical Specialist, Environment, Health and Safety

My daughter once told me after looking at some pictures of my project sites: "So mom, that's what you do: move dirt? As unglamorous as it sounds, she was right on the point. Yes, I manage moving contaminated soils and groundwater from properties so that they could be put to productive use. And when we can't move these unwanted materials, we place clean covers on top of them or put walls in the ground so that they can't move on their own. What excites me the most about my work is seeing new beautiful buildings constructed on once-contaminated properties after my "dirty" work has been completed.

Valerie Anderson
Operating Supervisor, Gas Operations

In Gas Operations sometimes the guys will not take you serious until you flex a little muscle. The sledge hammer helps me flex. As a woman in Gas Operations people look at us as if we are unable to handle the heavy, dirty work. There is no way I will ever be as strong as a man. However, with the right tools I still get the job done.

Kerry McBride
Chief Construction Inspector, Construction

I work in the field overseeing inspectors and contractors during the coldest winters, hottest summers, and the most beautiful days of the year. This includes covering various stages of the construction of gas and electric work. Part of my responsibility, along with a team of people, is maintaining and upgrading the company's infrastructure by carefully following rules and regulations. My team and I assure compliance with all standards and specifications. This unique job involves you in several special projects and allows you to support both internal and external customers.

Britt Reichborn-Kjennerud
Specialist, Research and Development

I am working on a cutting-edge exoskeleton to minimize lifting injuries, and a testing program to study battery safety. Here in the R&D department we partner with different organizations in the company to solve problems or address challenges. We introduce new technologies that could take the form of a novel piece of hardware, a treatment to existing hardware, software, or even a process improvement. While many projects focus on our infrastructure and maintaining it, we are always working to improve the work of the company across all departments. I am currently working on developing projects as disparate as an evaluation of company-wide performance metrics for regulatory affairs, identifying a treatment to utility poles to minimize accelerated degradation for Distribution Engineering, introducing an ergonomic wearable device or a cutting edge exoskeleton to minimize lifting injuries for Environment, Health and Safety, and a testing and computer modeling program to study battery safety for Energy Efficiency.

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