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an inclusive culture expands our possibilities

2015 Diversity Report
Joan Jacobs
Vice President
Learning and Inclusion
John McAvoy
Chairman and CEO
Con Edison, Inc.

Energizing the most exciting region in the world takes enormous talent. To power the lives and livelihoods of the 10 million people we serve, we depend on the best work and full potential of every one of our 15,000 women and men.

The strength of our diversity is impressive. We come from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. As our industry changes like never before, we need both our differences and our similarities to thrive and excel.

In 2015, we set the groundwork for our new diversity and inclusion strategy. Creating an inclusive culture helps us recruit and retain the best of the best. It invites each of us to speak up and voice our ideas and perspectives, listen to each other, and value our individual strengths. An inclusive culture expands our possibilities for the future.

We know increasing inclusion is challenging and complex. We are excited to be off to a great start.

To get it right, we’re asking ourselves tough questions. What are we doing now that opens up or shuts down an inclusive environment? Does what we do match what we say?

We are reviewing our policies, procedures, and cultural norms to pinpoint what is working and what needs to change, and then implementing the changes needed with a sense of enthusiasm and urgency.

Our leaders are pivotal. We need leaders to lead by example, to model in their day-to-day work what it means to be inclusive, and to clearly explain what each of us can do to support an environment where we all feel engaged, valued, and included.

Significant industry changes challenge us to be sharp and bold. As we evolve, both our diversity and a culture of fairness, respect, and inclusion are critical for us to eliminate accidents and injuries, achieve operational excellence, and understand what our customers want and expect.

It’s the right thing to do. Our future depends on it. And it’s up to each one of us.

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