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Diversity at Con Edison

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our commitment to diversity and inclusion

2013 Diversity Report
John McAvoy
Chairman and CEO
Con Edison, Inc.
Joan Jacobs
Vice President
Learning and Inclusion

Every one of our 15,000 women and men has great value to us.

Our business is changing at a rapid pace. Con Edison and the utility industry are rethinking who we are and what we do. New technologies are giving customers greater control and choices, and the desire for renewables and other distributed generation is redefining the way we all live.

So we must become more responsive, more nimble, and more competitive. To face the challenges ahead, we need the full strength of every one of us.

The diversity of our people has been a tremendous advantage of ours for many years. We're proud to embody the cultures, backgrounds, and experiences that make New York so iconic, dynamic, and great.

But diversity alone is not enough.

For us to benefit from the full potential of all our women and men, we need to encourage a culture of inclusion. We all want to belong and feel valued and respected.

Inclusion helps us unearth new ideas, new perspectives, and new solutions. It empowers us all to be more creative, innovative, and present. An inclusive culture is critical for us to understand and serve our customers, identify new solutions for safety, and fuel operational excellence. Our future depends on it.

Diversity & Inclusion shows our accomplishments for 2014, including our work with minority- and women-owned businesses and our nonprofit partners, and recognition as a "best company" for diversity.

To show how serious we are, in 2014 we formed a group called Learning and Inclusion to lead the charge to engage and inspire our people to reach their full potential. But it will take more than a new organizational structure to get us there. We'll need everyone to embrace and understand the value of our differences not just in race and gender, but in our abilities, personalities, perspectives, and backgrounds. We will need to capitalize on our collective strengths.

We are on the path to an exciting, successful, and sustainable future. Our women and men are the ones who will take us there. All 15,000 of them.

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2013 Diversity Report
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