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Distributed Generation
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solar energy

Getting Started

We at Con Edison are excited that you are interested in renewable energy. We hope that this information will answer your questions and concerns regarding solar technology and how to bring it to your residence or place of business.

This site will highlight and help you understand the process of installing a solar-energy system. Multiple parties are involved in the solar-energy interconnection process, and there are important policies and regulations that must be followed.

The Benefits of Going Solar:

  • GO GREEN: Be a part of the ‘Green’ movement by reducing your carbon footprint, which will help to protect the environment.
  • REDUCE YOUR BILL: Generating your own power can save you money on your monthly electric bill.
  • “SELL” YOUR EXCESS POWER: If you generate more energy than you use, Con Edison will buy it and credit your account. If you are a residential customer, any credit remaining at the end of the year will be returned to you via check.


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