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solar energy - choose an installer

Once you’ve determined if solar energy is feasible for your home or business it’s time to connect with a certified installer.

Certified installers have received the proper solar-energy training and safety instructions, and are the only installers eligible for processing the incentives and rebates offered by NYSERDA. They can also help obtain the necessary permits for your system, complete tax abatement paperwork, and help you through the process of interconnecting with Con Edison and completing the inspections necessary to place your system in service.

Although Con Edison cannot recommend specific installers, we can offer guidance on how to choose a solar contractor. It is recommended that you check references and find an installer who has successfully completed an installation, applied for NY-Sun incentives, and has experience with the sometimes complex tax abatement paperwork and energy finance solutions. This will make the process easier and help ensure successful installation of your solar system.

A list of certified installers can be found on the NYSERDA website.

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