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voluntary time-of-use

Time of Use Our Voluntary Time-of-Use (TOU) rate encourages customers to reduce electricity use during peak and super-peak hours. Under TOU, you will be charged for electricity depending on when you use it. The rates are lower during the designated off-peak period and higher at other times.

Shift And Save With Time-of-Use!

Voluntary Time-of-Use offers a way for you to save on your energy costs if you can shift a significant portion of your energy use to the off-peak period.

The peak, off-peak and super-peak periods are detailed below, along with the delivery charges applicable to each period.

Peak, Off-Peak and Super-Peak Periods

Peak Off-Peak Super-Peak*
8AM - 12 Mid 12 Mid - 8AM 2PM - 6PM

The super-peak period applies Monday through Friday during the summer months (June 1 — September 30).

Delivery Rates

  Peak Off-Peak Super-Peak
June 1 — Sept 30 19.24 cents/kWh 1.36 cents/kWh 19.24 cents/kWh
All other months 7.13 cents/kWh 1.36 cents/kWh N/A

*The super-peak period applies only to supply charges. The delivery charge remains the same as during the peak period. However, supply charges are much higher.

A customer/basic-service charge of $19.87 per month applies, along with any applicable delivery charges and adjustments as specified in general rule 26 of the Con Edison electric tariff.

Not sure whether TOU is right for you? Our time-of-use calculator can help you decide. Click here to try it now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • [+] How do I enroll in TOU?

    To enroll, please submit a signed, written request to The request should include your name, address, 15-digit Con Edison account number and a contact phone number.

    You can also submit your request by mail to:

    Con Edison
    Attention: Time-of-Use Coordinator
    30 Flatbush Avenue, Room 520
    Brooklyn, NY 11217

  • [+] Will I need a new meter?

    Yes. We will install a new meter at the customer's home free of charge.

  • [+] Con Edison's Time-of-Use rate changed as of March 1, 2014. Is the old TOU rate still be available?

    Yes and no.

    Customers who are currently billed under the old TOU rate will be "grandfathered in," which means their peak and off-peak time periods will not change. However, we are no longer accepting enrollments for the old rate. And, if a customer billed under the old Time-of-Use rate chooses to switch to the standard residential rate (or to any other rate), he or she will be unable to switch back to the old TOU rate.

  • [+] If I enroll in TOU, can I change my mind?

    Under the terms of our time-of-use rate, full-service customers who switch to Voluntary Time-of-Use must remain on the TOU rate for a period of one year from the date of the switch. ESCO customers who enroll in TOU and then switch to full service must also remain on Time-of-Use for one year from the date of the switch.

    Customers who enroll in TOU after March 1st, 2014 and then switch back to the standard residential rate will be unable to reenroll in TOU for a period of 18 months from the date of the switch.

    NOTE: ESCO customers are not required to remain on the TOU rate for a full year — provided they do not cancel with their ESCO to become full-service Con Edison customers. However, like those on full service, ESCO customers will be unable to reenroll in TOU for a period of 18 months should they switch back to the standard rate.

  • [+] Are weekends and holidays considered off-peak?

    No. Weekends and holidays will be subject to the same peak and off-peak pricing as normal weekdays. However, super-peak pricing (which applies only during the summer months) will be in effect Monday through Friday only, from 2PM to 6PM. Super-peak pricing will be in effect on holidays that fall on weekdays.

If you are a plug-in electric vehicle customer, please visit for additional information.

For more information on energy products and programs for your home or business visit Con Edison's Energy Efficiency site.



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