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Keep up with the latest energy news, or download our brochures.

Customer News is now published quarterly. Look for new issues in March, June, September and December.

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Messages for Customers… Spring 2014

Learn the signs of a natural gas leak, and how to protect your family from carbon monoxide. Hear about a new look for e*bill, and get the scoop on ESCOs. Plus find important information for customers with medical emergencies who rely on life-support equipment, and help New Yorkers in need pay their energy bills. It's all in the latest issue of Customer News.

What to Do if You Have Power Problems

Con Edison is committed to providing a reliable, safe supply of electricity. There are times — during storms or when demand is high — when your power may be interrupted. Learn how you can prepare for and respond to power problems by reading our Power Problems? Let Us Know! brochure.

Since, for many people, pets are not just animals but part of the family, they should also be considered when preparing for power problems. For more information on caring for your pets during a service interruption or other emergency, read the New York City Office of Emergency Management’s Ready New York: For Pets brochure.

Using Electricity Safely

Wherever electricity is used — inside or out, on the street or in the home — the risk of an electrical fire or shock exists. Con Edison's new brochure Electric Safety: What You Need to Know, outlines the rules and safeguards that will help you prevent electrical accidents.

The Power of Green

Electricity is a vital part of our lives, as essential to our everyday needs as water and food. It’s easy to forget that electricity use affects our environment. Con Edison's new poster "The Power of Green" provides energy conservation tips and other useful information to help you go green -- and save some green.

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